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You can calculate as many accounts as you want! is a free service offered by Lunatik Arts under no responsibilities, by using our system you agree to be responsible for any miss use of our platform, DO NOT advises anyone to buy or sell any twitter account based on the values here presented. Our system shows values that may not be the exact ones and are only approx values. You accept these terms and conditions by using our website. is not associated with in any way and does not pretend to be a service from them. is FREE to use for anyone so anyone can analyze ANY account without us being able to control who is being analyzed and who is not, for that reason we DO NOT use any private info for making the valuation but PUBLIC information available for everyone already. If for some reason your account was analyzed and you dont want it to be shown in our Recently Analyzed Accounts or our Twitter Top 40s, please write us and we will remove your account from the lists within 24 hours.

How does works?

After calculating the size of your profile inside twitter´s network worth, the ammount of real and active followers you have and your real influence among them, how much impact your tweets have and how far do they travel, we analyze the world market prices and the influence you have on them.....and your Mojo in Dollar is showed up, that is some pretty amazing shit huh!?. And yes, we take our algorithms and results very serious, these are the result of 9 months locked in a room full of math freaks.

Our Algorithms is still at is early age and current under daily development, so even we have some amazing results so far, our algorithms are too young to show exact resuls. We are working hard every day to ensure we get to the exact values you are looking for so... keep coming and analyzing

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